Strategic Products


plant 02Using plasma technology, will be produced:

  • metallization iron ore concentrate of high standards (Fe is not lower than 99.7% — iron of the highest purity, called technically pure or armo-iron, containing about 0.02% C and less than 0.1% impurities). Profitability of production is 200% higher than competitive analogues.
  • original high-purity iron, melted from iron ore concentrate under without-oxidative conditions by direct reduction method.
  • slabs-billets of alloy steel, melted from the original high-purity iron in without-oxidative conditions, with increased operational parameters of strength and durability, for use in electrical engineering and shipbuilding.
  • liquefied methanol (waste of production in the utilization of greenhouse gases using plasma technology).
  • iron-nickel, chrome, vanadium and zirconium concentrates of industrial standards.
  • ferronickel and nickel of increased purity from iron-nickel concentrate, ferrochrome of increased purity from chromium concentrate, ferrovanadium and vanadium of increased purity from vanadium concentrate, zirconium of increased purity from zirconium concentrate.
  • ferromanganese of high quality from waste ferromanganese production.
  • titanium and titanium metal products from ilmenite and rutile without the use of harmful chemical elements (chlorine, fluorine, etc.).
  • niobium, tungsten, molybdenum, scandium, yttrium, neodymium and other rare earth metals from concentrates.
  • polycrystalline and single-crystal silicon of high purity from quartzites, without the use of harmful chemical elements (chlorine, fluorine, etc.). Manufacture on their basis of solar batteries with increased power and efficiency coefficient.
  • recycling of technogenic wastes of red and gray sludge, obtaining high-purity iron, special steels and metal products, non-ferrous, rare-earth metals and silicon;
  • steel, cement and methanol by recycling solid waste and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from metallurgical production (steelmaking slag, dust, scale, etc.)
  • two-dimensional allotropic modification of carbon"graphene" and graphene accumulator, for electric cars, based on it.