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Precious metal

premetThe paradoxicality of innovative process of allocation of gold and precious metals from minerals of black shale consists that the given components are collateral, that is as a matter of fact free, a product of transformation of initial minerals in thermal and electric energy.

The technical problem of the given process consists in separating molecules of gold and precious metals of prisoners in minerals of black slate from carbon molecules.

Performance of the given problem is reached at the expense of the specific processes occurring in the plasma reactor made by a technique developed by our experts which result is allocation from synthesis-gas of heavy elements (precious metals).


The information to reflexion: Depending on a deposit, in minerals of black slates contains (on 1 ton of ore):

  • Au  from 6 to 1500 g.;
  • Ag  from 20 to 800 g.;
  • Pt  from 13 to 360 g.;
  • Pd  from 3,6 to 142 g.;
  • Os  from 0,048 to 0,06 g.;
  • Ru  0,05 g.

In a combination to reception grafen and manufacturing from it grafen accumulators, economic benefit of use of the yielded technology is represented enormous and at present does not give in to forecasting.