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Purchase / Exchange

At the moment, a PRE-ICO company is being held, the purpose of which is to raise funds for the construction and launch of a "launch" plant for testing the technology and production of the first samples. It is necessary to collect 6 000 tokens REBIS (ERC20 RBSG 0x5a012702b654fbd04526d13a1250594bdd8b1061).
After the launch of the main ICO, the value of the "preliminary" shares increases by 10 times.

Purchasing/exchange conditions:

The exchange of tokens of the ICO-project for tokens of Rebis (RBSG), and also acquisition of tokens of Rebis is performed under the formula:

2,5 % ETH (or BTC) + 97,5 % of tokens of the ICO-project (or other cryptocurrency at the rate) = 100 % of tokens Rebis (RBSG).

Quantity of acquired tokens of Rebis will count from the size of the commission paid by you.

Inform us by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about the address (ID) of your token and a link to the electronic exchange where it is registered (CRYPTORATED, EXMO, BITRIX, KRAKEN or others) for the check of current exchange rate.

Commission payment (2.5 % from quantity REBIS) for acquisition of tokens is performed in ETHERIUM or BITCOIN at a stock exchange or any other method convenient for you.

In the column (tab) "Purpose of payment", or similar (depends on your OS) specify "REBIS".



For real acquisition REBIS it is necessary for you to be registered on site REBIS.PRO

You receive the further instructions on an E-Mail specified at registration.

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Term of receipt REBIS into your account constitutes no more than 24 hours and depends only on exchange transactions. The information on payment passage will be instantly received.

In case of origin of questions or occurrence of problems: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At you the interesting project, but on hands more many non-realised among investors of tokens? An exchange of your tokens for tokens Rebis – optimum the decision! Come on a site, exchange the tokens for tokens Rebis and receive for them gold ingots!!!

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Crypto Balance

  Rebis (RBSG) 50 USD (stable)