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Token Details


100 mln. tokens RBSG

insertThe RBSG will be funded and used by Businesses, token holders, and Consumers of products under the Rebis brand worldwide.

Rebis Gold will act as a decentralized investment Fund for primary financing of activities necessary for the production introduction of innovative technologies of its own scientific and technical Institute. RBSG tokens holders will be able to exchange in Rebis ltd at a fixed rate of 1 RBSG token for 0.254 g Au, or sell on the cryptocurrency exchange at their market value.

Tokens Rebis Gold i100s a guarantee of high income and unprecedented, for the modern cryptocurrency market, the level of liquidity. 
We do not promise that the cost of Rebis Gold (RBSG) tokens will increase. We guarantee it!. Own patented innovative products. We have realized the wildest dreams of the alchemists of the past and are ready to share our achievements with modern humanity.

Rebis Gold Tokens do not burn. After the completion of the ICO campaign, they can be: exchanged for gold, at a fixed rate of 0.254 g Au in specialized offices of Rebis ltd, or sold at a free market rate on cryptocurrency exchanges (Shortex, etc.)

Only 40% of Rebis Gold tokens are freely sold.

Total Supply: 100 Million Tokens