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Road Map

Terms of carrying out of ICO-campaign and stages of creation REBIS cluster's structural divisions.

Carrying out PRE-ICO (3 mn.)
Carrying out ICO (9 mn.)
Building the experimentally-industrial plasmatron reactor
Debugging of technological processes in the plasmatron reactor for the purpose of reception of electric energy from black slates and allocation from their weight of precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, and palladium). Certification of technological process, acquisition of the umbellate patent for technology of gold mining from minerals of black slates and graphene plates for accumulators
5 Building of mobile manufacture graphene accumulators with function of carrying over of the electric power in graphene accumulators (preselling charge of accumulators)
Industrial production building in a zone of the favorable economic and business climate promoting development of gold mining (Australia)
7 Commissioning of capacities on reception of electric energy from minerals of black slates with simultaneous reception from their components of precious metals and graphene plates for accumulators. Use of the received electric power for preselling charge graphene accumulators
Building and commissioning of the branched out retail network on charge of electromobiles with use graphene accumulator
End of the basic stages of creation REBIS cluster and start of work of the company in full.