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Plasma technology – Jump to 22 centuries!

Traditional methodBy steel production on traditional technology which one engages production iron-ore shale and their furnacing, coke production in coke-oven plants, a refusion cake shale in a blast furnace with coke and various kinds of blast, a pig-iron refusion cake in the converter or in electric arc board, in atmosphere of the Earth the enormous quantity of a gaseous wastage is thrown out, and on slag pit bings the large quantity of solid cinders and slimes is stored.

The made analysis of a wastage and an appraisal of gaseous pressure bumps demonstrates that on each metallurgical repartition, taking into account combustible compounding and non-combustible pressure bumps in a traditional way of production of a steel:

  • Wastage of solid cinders compounds 1,2 t/t a ready steel;
  • Pressure bump of harmful gases in atmosphere of the Earth compounds 26 000 m3/1 t steels.

At mean world annual volume of output of a steel about 1,6 billion t,

  • Wastage of solid cinders will compound 1,92 billion t./year;
  • Gaseous annual pollutions of the Earth will compound 41 600 000 000 000 м3.

Traditional methodThe resulted results demonstrate that the traditional way of production of a base material of the world industry – steels, is ecologically dangerous to all population of the Earth, and in connection with a considerable quantity of repartitions has the high net cost, thus, as steel production is carried out in oxidising conditions (blow-down of molten metal by oxygen in the converter or electric arc board) quality of metal because of admixtures remains low. Though metallurgists also apply various ways of deoxidation of metal and its refinement, however strong property of receivable metal several times it is less strong than properties of pure metals.

Studies of the American scientists have demonstrated 20 centuries held still in the seventies that hardness of a pure steel in a severe atmosphere almost in 200 times above than hardness of a steel effected on traditional technology.

By calculations of the American scientists, at the situation which have piled now in the world industry, an unmonitored wastage and pressure bumps will make 2030 «a non-return point» for ecology of the Earth and threat of existence of mankind.

Плазменная технологияIt is deprived lacks of a traditional way of melt of a steel plasma not-oxide technology of forward restoration of metals from the ore concentrates, elaborated and used by our collective throughout many years.

The technology is elaborated for cold-pressure ore concentrate without coke use. Restoration and fusion of metals is carried out by the regenerative plasma jets in the closed down tight bulk in the regenerative environment at total absence of cinder. By production became the received melt of iron it is saturated with carbon to the set concentration at blow-down of a melt by plasma jets with the set carbon content, condensated of gas distillate in plasma. As, all process of melt of a steel drives in the closed down bulk the yield of a suitable material compounds almost 100 %, and a wastage of ready metal is almost brought to naught.

At plasma technology from it is reduction - a melting complex in environment it is thrown out:

  • Wastage of solid cinders to 0,1 t/t. a ready steel;
  • Harmful gases in atmosphere of the Earth - 1 000 m3/1 t. steels.

That, accordingly:

  • For a solid slag wastage on 1 t. the ready steel in 12 times has less, than in traditional technology;
  • For pressure bumps of harmful gases in atmosphere of the Earth in 26 times it is less than in the taken over world productions technology of a liquid steel.

Use plasma non-oxyde the steel production technology allows to shift «a non-return point» for ecology of the Earth and mankind to 3500 years.

Конструкция плазматронаThus, application innovative plasma non-oxide productions technology of high-quality metal products, allows to modified cardinally an environment ecological situation, to enhance profitability of production over 100 % and considerably to enhance purity of receivable metal.

For production of high-grade steels and alloys in the conditions of Russia in the presence of cheap gas distillate, specific consumption of gas distillate on ton of ready metal increases to 300 m3/1 т steels and to 500 kg СО2, sampleed of end gas.

Рабочие образцы плазматронаAllowing for high ecological safety innovative plasma non-oxide productions technology of high-quality metal products with profitability of production about 300 %, we tender to construct on a platform of Tamansky peninsula metallurgical industrial complex on production of ship sheet and factory on production of silicon and silicon batteries, On a platform in Afipsky the research-and-production centre on manufacturing of plasma systems and a scientifically-technological complex on working of new plasma technologies, on a platform in Ust-Donetsk of factory on production of metal products from soft-magnet Armko-gland and an electrotechnical steel. Thus to issue licences for development and development of northern iron-ore field with reserves of the raw concentrated by the titan, in quantity about 1 billion t. and a southern iron-ore field with reserves of the raw concentrated by manganese and vanadium, in number of 1 billion t.

The executed studies of the market of Russia and the world markets demonstrate that in connection with a considerable quantity of metallurgical repartitions the price of ship sheet for northern widths alloyed by vanadium compounds 1200-2000 USD/t, the price of sheet and a circle from Armko-gland compounds 5000-7000 USD/t, and the price of a ferrous powder, depending on the maintenance of iron of 98-99,46 % is modified from 5000 to 8000 USD/t.

As the plasma production technology of metal products has basically only one metallurgical repartition, and the second is a pressing, rolling or crushing, the net cost 1 t. Ship sheet, compounds 250 USD, round preparation from Armko-gland - 400 USD, sheet from Armko of iron - 600 USD, and a ferrous powder with the maintenance of iron of 98-100 % - 200 USD/1 t.

The supervisor of project, d.s.t. A.T.Neklesa

Plasma non-oxide technology:

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