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Our Team

Our TeamRebis Group is an alloy of forty-year scientific researches in a scope of plasma technologies and use of modern techniques of marketing in global information society.

Better to say, the problem of one – to invent and introduce in manufacture high-liquid in the commodity market products, and a problem of others – to provide search of investments necessary for these purposes and to sell them.

At the head of Rebis team – the scientist with a world name, Dr.Sci.Tech. Anatoly Timofeevich Neklesa.

We offer you participation in the unique project, capable to turn mankind representation! Imaginations of many authors from Voltaire with its fantastic country Eldorado to Alexey Tolstoy with its hyperboloid of engineer Garin, thanks to application of our technologies – any more are not today an imagination fruit.
It is the scientific fact which we are ready to share with the world. And from you who will take active financial part in this project, Kryoz, Midas and tsar Solomon can envy those.